About BalticFem

BalticFem is a politically independent organization (an NGO) working to achieve a gender equal society through project management, empowerment of women and awareness raising activities such as disseminating research and realizing seminars. BalticFem was founded 2002 and have been members of WINNET Sweden, Womens Network in Roslagen (RKN) and ALDA and is based in Norrtälje, Sweden.

Within Tillväxtverkets program Resurscentra för kvinnor (a government mandate), we worked with regional development in order for:

  • women to claim their share of society’s resources
  • women’s skills to be utilized by the community
  • efforts of women and men are given equal value

Womens Resource Centra Operations are conducted at three levels: at the individual-1, group-2 and structural level3 and BalticFem primarily uses our experiences from the individual and group levels to affect the structural level.

Democracy and empowerment

Another important issue for BalticFem is democracy and women’s participation in community building and politics.

BalticFem have been an active partner of ALDA (The Association of Local Democracy Agencies) which is a European NGO based in Strasbourg (Council of Europe), which works to promote good governance and citizen participation at the local level. ALDA is focused specifically on activities that facilitate cooperation between local authorities and civil society activities (projects) within various themes, such as European integration, decentralization, citizens’ initiatives and voluntary work, human rights and sustainable economic development.

Prostitution, trafficking and violence against women

BalticFem has long been involved in efforts to combat prostitution, trafficking and violence against women, primarily through various knowledge-raising and awareness-raising projects and activities.

BalticFem are co-founders of ARETUSA, a European network to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the EU. ARETUSA is a supportive platform that aims to develop the capacity of NGOs to implement the principle of equality between women and men in concrete measures and initiatives designed to address violations of women’s rights, to ensure effective protection against all forms of discrimination and violence, to ensure the empowerment and advancement of women in the political, economic and social life.

1 = Personal counseling and training in for example business development; 2 = Meeting places for networking, seminars, events and projects; 3 = Cooperation with other organizations, lobbying for change and integration of a gender perspective in local, regional, national and EU programs.


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