ENATW 2006

ENATW – The European Network Against Trafficking in Women for sexual exploitation

2006 BalticFem became a partner in the project ENATW funded by European Comission – Directorate General Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. The activites aimed to foster and enlarge the existing network ENATW within the new member states and enhance private-public cooperation.

The implementation of project activities is lead by Associazione IRENE (Italy) in cooperation with other two regional coordinators: MONA Foundation for the Women of Hungary (Hungary) and Associazione Formazione Professionale del Patronato San Vincenzo (Italy).

The leader organisation and the two coordinators will cooperate with other local referents of ENATW: Amicale du Nid (France); Research Centre of Women’s Affairs (Greece); BalticFem (Sweden); Women’s Issues Information Centre (Lithuania); Dom Zakonny Zgromadzenia Siostr Urszulanek Niepokalanej Maryi Panny z Gandino (Poland).

The project was also supported by the Italian Ministry for Equal Opportunity (Italy), the Presidency of the Lombardy Region (Italy) and the City Council of Madrid, DG Equal Opportunity (Spain)

The ENATW also relied on Associate partners: Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation (Bulgaria), Diaconia (Republic Moldova), Asociatia Aproapele (Romania), Caritas – Spes (Ukraine), Ralaheen (Ireland), PIAM onlus (Italy), CISL – Italian Confederation of Workers’ Unions, women’s committee (Italy), Francescane con i Poveri (Italy)
The main goals of the project were:

  • to enlarge ENATW within new Member States and neighbouring Countries
  • to foster public-private cooperation in planning and implementing policies for preventing and contrasting trafficking for sexual exploitation
  • to facilitate the implementation of EU standards for combating and preventing trafficking and protect women victims of this crime
  • to foster the network between organisations working in the field of trafficking and gender equality


On 6th December 2002, during the ”Turning the spotlight on trafficking in women” conference, promoted by the European Commission and held in Siracusa by the Ministry for Equal Opportunities, the European Commission – DG Employment and Social Affairs, announced the launch of European Network Against Trafficking in Women for sexual exploitation – ENATW

A new consortia of women organisations committed to preventing as well as combating the trafficking in women for sexual exploitation and assisting the victims.

With ENATW, the partner organisations intend to share experience, policies, good practices that have been realised locally on legal and assistance level in order to develop common models and action strategies in Europe.

Particularly, associations belonging to ENATW support:

  • the importance of a gender approach in combating the trafficking in women which not only takes into consideration the repressive aspect but tackles the causes which make women more vulnerable to forms of violence
  • the conception of the phenomenon of the trafficking and of the exploitation for prostitution as one of the causes of vulnerability to serious forms of violence and exploitation as well as violation of women rights
  • the importance of prevention of the trafficking in women for sexual exploitation , based on information campaigns but also on actions concerning social and individual responsibility, equality between men and women, motivation of the customer.

IRENE association co-ordinates the project with the support by Mouvement du Nid association (Belgium) and STIGAMOT association (Iceland) for the enlargement and co-ordination of the network at local level within central and northern Europe.

Other partner organisations come from Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Denmark.

The specific objectives of the ENATW network can be found in the Goal Statement found at www.aretusa.net.