Visit from l’Amicale du Nid

On the 11th to the 13th of February 2013 BalticFem received a delegation from the French NGO, L´Amicale Du Nid ( ), AdN.  In  total  11 representatives  from the AdN and one representative of the Canadian organisation La Maison de Marthe came to Sweden and Stockholm to learn more about the Swedish work against sex trafficking and prostitution.


AdN has eight different support centers in France working with women, young people, men and transsexuals who ended or risk ending up in prostitution. Their support centers are staffed with social workers, psychologists and sociologists, but also conduct outreach work in the field. AdN also works with information and training aimed at young people, politicians, teachers, civil servants, social workers, teachers and staff in the care sector.

L’Amicale Du Nid has its roots in an organisation that was formed in 1901, but has existed in its present form since 1946. The organisation’s premise is that prostitution and trafficking is a form of violence and oppression that violates personal dignity and integrity. They are keen to get a law in France that is similar to the current Swedish.

During their visit to Stockholm, the group got to meet members of the Swedish Gender Equality Minister’s political staff, Stockholm police section against human trafficking and prostitution, NGO 1000 Mojligheter, The municipality of Stockholm´s prostitution unit and Caritas Sweden, a of part of the ecumenical network against human trafficking.


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