Workshop: How do we continue the cross border cluster from here?

For successful business one needs customers as they generate the money. Unfortunately, women entrepreneurs in general are not so good in selling to the right price (pricing). But they are good in networking. In order to understand why networking is essential Lena divided the participants at the conference in four working groups and asked them to discuss how they are going to work together and with what.



Initial point for the first group was sightseeing. According to the participants in this group one should focus on events and sightseeing. There can be different cooperation options depending on the type of holiday tourist wishes to spend: yachting, biking, fishing, walking, picking barriers, spa, etc .

On the question how they are going to work they underlined that together they will have strength, information, contacts/networks, added values, and more customers.


The second group focused on cross-border tourism/vacation. They underlined that there is an increased interest in active vacations combined with food experiences and spa. They consider a Jump on-off possibility as the most suitable option for their target groups. The desirable target groups would consist of ten persons. They believe that the Quadruple app is a means to efficient and easy marketing for tourists. They also underlined the importance of benchmarking.


The third group believed through the cooperation they will learn about each other and with each other (training, seminars). It’s essential to exchange knowledge, ideas and experience and especially bad experiences. One good idea would be to have a common forum or council for improvement of ideas. They should promote each other’s business which will lead to more income. Lobbing was also considered as a part of success.


The forth group concluded that networking is important for sharing customers. They considered rich people as main customers as from an Estonian perspective the middle-class can’t afford travelling in three countries during one holiday. Another group of customers could be people with a very specific interest (for example photographing). The target group might be from other countries than the Quadruple regions, for instance Germany, USA, Holland etc.


For successful business the following is needed:

  • Coaching in each country
  • Strong cooperation
  • Good website
  • build upon the MobiTourist app
  • Experience exchange
  • Trainings, seminars and discussions
  • Common packages
  • Common products
  • Something concrete to build the networking and clustering on

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