Britt-Marie Torstensson
The mission of WINNET Europe is to:
  • strengthen the role of Women Resource Centres (WRCs) as key actors of regional growth and support the participation of women in regional development  increasing thereby Europe’s competitiveness and achievement of the Lisbon Strategy goals;
  • assist the implementation of the objectives of the European Union in the employ-ment and social affairs area, as set out in the Roadmap for equality between women and men (2006-2010)  and the European Pact for Gender Equality and the European Social Agenda;
  • enhance a gender equality perspective in co-ordinated strategic use of European, national and regional resources;
  • increase women’s influence  and participation in the labour market and the society as a whole, on European, national and regional level;
  • contribute to create new permanent jobs for women by supporting women’s own ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • promote the empowerment of women and their social inclusion
  • enhance women’s use of ICT and their active participation in the Information Society;

Britt-Marie Torstensson explained that the Quadruple project and WINNET shares many priorities and therefore the organisation is supporting the project as additional partner. She emphasised the joint challenge of integrating a gender perspective in regional policies to secure sustainable regional growth and to promote women’s participation in Structural Funds and European programmes. And also enhance women’s participation in Information Society.

Torstensson also gave an introduction to a recently started project that also targets similar areas of development as Quadruple, the capitalising project WINNET 8 who is focusing on women´s labourmarket and entrepreneurship as well as technology – the modern way of communication.


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