SWOT analysis of ICT needs

Work package 4 focuses on the development and testing of mobile applications and services to support entrepreneurs in their businesses. The starting point to develop such a testing programme lies in an informed needs analysis. The SWOT-workshop in Norrtälje was instrumental in getting a preliminary understanding of the entrepreneurs’ needs with respect to the situation of their own businesses.

The workshop’s goal was to make a quick SWOT analysis of the entrepreneurs’ businesses in the light of a framework entitled “Web 2.0 enabled organizational forms to support micro-firm development”. The framework provides examples on how new Web 2.0 services and applications can induce organizational change and enable new collaboration forms that support organizations’ goals. The framework comprises five themes:

  • Technology (web 2.0 + social media + mobile + cloud)
  • Environment (customers, suppliers, commune, authorities, infrastructure…)
  • Knowledge & skills: training, education, access to, needs
  • Business operations & functions
  • Organizational forms (collaboration): clusters, networks, and communities

On the basis of several examples, participants were asked to think about their own business and to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This first part of the workshop took around 120 minutes. The results of this activity are documented in SWOT-maps.

The second activity was a gallery where each SWOT-analysis was presented by the entrepreneur to the other workshop participants.


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