Quadruple MobiTourist – a mobile guide for three tourist destinations

Benefits of a cross border product

A mobile guide for tourists is being developed as part of the project. ”The application will serve as a mobile guide, and it will be designed so that you can look at the three countries, for example so that you can look in Sweden what kind of activities they have, and then you can look at the Finnish archipelago and look at what kind of activities there are and then in Estonia. So they are all in one application, so no matter if you are from New Zealand, you can look at the Northern Baltic Sea as one region and find the activities you are interested in”, explains Bergen. This will promote cross-border activities between the regions involved in the project.

– Building such an application presents challenges, explains Daniele Dalledonne – technical consultant in the project and continues: we are getting the data from 3 different websites, and put them together in our personal web server, and that’s probably the most difficult part of the project right now because all the 3 countries have their own way of showing information on their own websites. We are talking about restaurant holders, events and shops, and that’s a very challenging problem we are solving right now…

– One of the most important thing about this app is that it is a mobile guide that works best when connected to the internet; but we are trying to make the guide work offline when there is no data connection involved, and this is very important because the tourists travel around Sweden, Estonia, Finland, and they will probably have problems with the expensive data roaming mobile plans when traveling abroad so this guide will provide all information we have. We are going to have a map about the areas, and the map is going to work offline without the requirements of an Internet connection.

A first version of the mobile guide is already developed on one platform and it will be developed to more platforms during summer 2011:

– When you are talking mobile solutions, you have to think of different operating systems, and we have already made a version for iPhone and will start with the Android version and we will also do the Windows phone 7 app. Professor Patrik Eklund (University of Umeå) who is involved in the project as well, has started to do the web portal”, summarizes Bergen.

Author: Dr Franck Tétard

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