Mobile services for the Tourism industry


Christer Carlsson

Mobile value services and Value co-creation

 However it is a huge potential in inventing and developing mobile applications that will help the tourist. Travellers are outside their everyday routines, their “comfort zone” where all routines work. The basic services – where to stay, where to eat, how to travel and what activities there are to do becomes important. More and more travellers are spontaneous and do not plan everything ahead and have a need for easy accessible information. Many places do not have a Tourist Information centre where tourists gets information about the basic services. And even if there is, these offices have limited opening hours so tourist cannot rely on only this.

Mobile services are a way for entrepreneurs to catch the interest of visitors for their product.

But, one have to remember the services needs to be easy to use, accessible and fit into the routines of tourists. Carlsson promotes the concept of “Value co-creation” where enterprises develop services together with the users. Mobile services need to be fitted to the context and we need to understand and anticipate what the needs are going to be; the context is known to us – the service providers – even if it is not known to the tourists. Providing mobile value services is good business for all companies in the value chain. In this way the services will be useful.


In practise

He showed some prototypes of mobile services developed by Åbo Akademi on the Åland islands.

  • An audio and video guided tour for the historical site Bomarsund. This enables the visitor to get a guided tour whenever, no pre booking of a guide is needed. Nowadays the fortress is not even ruins just a few formation of stones, thus the service showing animations of how it looked etcetera makes the site vivid.
  • MobiFish – a service that makes it possible to buy a digital fishing permit on the spot. A win win situation for water owners and fishers since in the current system one has to buy the permit in Mariehamn sometimes many hours drive from the islands and popular fishing waters and because of this many people are fishing illegally. With the mobifish digital permit fishers do not have to plan their fishing trip and buy a permit in advance and the water owners get an income.
  • Booking systems for hotels, cottages and restaurants with a search function.
  • Travellog – a forum where tourist can share their experiences of different activities. A social media going with the trend that people trust information and suggestions from other travellers more than Tourist information offices or direct marketing from companies.




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