From ”triple helix” to ”quadruple helix”


What is your cluster? Which accumulation of enterprises?


  • Tourist companies in 3 geographical areas – the coast regions Roslagen, Åboland archipelago, Läänemaa-Hiumaa-Saaremaa.
  • A Baltic Sea tourism cluster
  • “Destinations” as Clusters – the cluster thought already exists within destinations.
  • Branding of destinations/clusters – make the area well known, gather under a common “brand”
  • Archipelago as a unique and common culture * Cluster – could be a common idea that connects us

Which goods and services are you selling?


  • Accomodation – Bed and Breakfast
  • Interior design
  • Souvernirs Nature Trips
  • E-commerce
  • Eco Tourism
  • Active tourism
  • SPA
  • Horse riding
  • Local food
  • Handicraft
  • Guest harbour
  • Tourist office
  • Cultural activities
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Golf
  • Sports
  • Surfing
  • Scuba diving
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Culture-Architecture-Churches
  • Adventure tourism
  • Swimming, beach life

What information and knowledge do we exchange?


  • How to run tourist companies
  • New products
  • ICT
  • New ideas – other ways of doing things can inspire. Example from B&B with homebaked bread and teapot in the room, a nice experience one can bring home and develop in the own business.
  • Inspire each other
  • Common values
  • Lifestyle – Example; we share choices like the fact we have chosen to live in the archipelago/coastal area.
  • Different lifestyles of entrepreneurs
  • How to package an experience
  • How to expand the seasons? – Marketing, it is a joint challenge for the tourism entrepreneurs to expand the seasons.
  • Mild climate
  • Global trends

2. What is your innovation system?

A platform of which actors?

  • Tourism organisations
  • Supporting Organisations – NGO’s
  • Tourism entreprenurs
  • Visitors, identity, categories
  • Regions
  • Municipalities 
  • Counties
  • Researchers
  • ICT
  • Educational institutions 
  • The Quadruple Partnership

Jointly developing what knowledge?

  • Strategy for development
  • Cross border knowledge
  • ICT-knowledge
  • Share culture
  • Cross border cultural knowledge – gender – cross gender knowledge and similarities
  • Make tourism industry visible – it create many new jobs (example from Sweden where it creates more jobs than the car industry which the government supports a lot)
  • General marketing for an area – destination.

Jointly promoting what kind of innovations?

  • Commonalities of regional clusters
  • What can be sold?
  • A new understanding of how innovations are created
  • Soft products – hard products
  • “Soft” projects can promote “hard” results (Quadruple is an example of that)
  • A common website – common multi tools / booking/ marketing

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