Entrepreneurship and gender

Entrepreneurship and genderCluster building

  • – from competition to cooperation
  • – Networking
  • – Find common competences and strengths
  • – Geographical areas
  • – Common vision
  • – Plan for activities
  • – From cooperation to common development
  • – From vision to common trademark

Cluster building in practise

Three examples:

  • – Conference hotels in archipelago
  • – Icelandic horse companies
  • – Horse cluster in France

Conference hotels in archipelago

  • – Small companies in isolated islands
  • – Lack of customers wintertime
  • – Competition between different companies/islands
  • – Low level of quality in services
  • – Lack of knowledge of each other and the branch
  • – Low marketing activities
  • – Lack of technical know-how
  • – High part of women employed

County Administrative Board of Stockholm started a project with the aim to create more employment wintertime by raising the level of quality of services and strengthen cooperation between the hotels.

  • Training in conference services took place
  • Hotel owners/employees visited each other and learned about the special profile of different hotels – benchmarking.
  • Cooperation started between companies and they had a common marketing at the Stockholm International Fair ” All for the sea”, with the slogan ”Visit the Archipelago” where they also sold sea food
  • They also bought a common domain ”Visit the archipelago” for marketing
Results of the project:

A lot more customers wintertime, more employments for women at the islands, better conference services and facilities, more profit for the companies and they kept networking after the project had finished. When one hotel was full they could recommend guest to another hotel.

Cluster in horse industry, France

Cluster initiative started 10 years ago by efforts from the region of Normandie-Basse and the regional horse industry to create horse councils with representation from all different organisations.

Horse councils became steering group for a Horse cluster. The Horse cluster was sponsored from the region, the ministry and the horse industry. Members were horse companies that paid a fee according to their economic turn-over. Being a member of the cluster was seen as a quality mark and the cluster could offer the members access to research for innovations and also credits.

Visions for the cluster is to make the region known as a horse territory and increase the export of competition horses.

Icelandic horse companies in Sweden

  • Recently started a project for training icelandic horse companies and make them cooperate in a network
  • Divided into 7 regional networks with a contact person promoting activities in each region
  • Also a common national website www.islandshastforetagarna.se with news and activities like trainings, meetings etc In one year 350 companies have joined
  • Will develop more common marketing in the country and international, as some of the companies works with tourism ( bed and box, tour-riding etc).


  • Networking
  • Vision
  • Activity plan
  • Cooperation with authorities and research
  • Timetable
  • Organisational form
  • Budgets

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