Cluster networking in practice

  1. Discuss in national groups how cooperation will take place in your region.
  2. What do you expect from this project?
  3. What do you want to gain from it?
  4. How can you cooperate between companies, and with resarch, promoting organisations and public sector?
  5. Some visions?

A. Finland


  • Web page of the existing Ringroad / Circle road. The Ringroad connects islands and mainland in the Åboland Archipelago with ferry traffic and it is popular to use bicycles to travel on the road.
  • The local Finnish cluster could be based on this Ringroad.

Specialities along the road:

  • Cultural sites
  • Water
  • Archipelago
  • Different activities could be developed according to season, different themes can be used to attract visitors all year round.

Wintertime for example:

  • Music
  • Architecture
  • Churches
  • One can build packaging and travel on the Ringroad on the existing network Turku Touring.


Circle cluster

  • After the local cluster is created in Åboland it can be expanded from the Turku Circle to the West Estonia circle and so on. Even a big Baltic Sea circle can be created. This could be the Cross border cluster in Quadruple!
  • More visitors and more popular!
  • If we manage to show result in Quadruple it is possible to get more funding afterwards to develop what Quadruple initiated.

B. Estonia

  • West Estonia is already now the same region
  • Joint marketing
  • County unions between companies
  • Product development – be more versatile
  • Workshops and seminars for entrepreneurs
  • Make the tourism season longer

What to achieve from the project?

  • Better cooperation between counties and the companies within them
  • Better cooperation between Saaremaa, Hiumaa, Läänemaa and the result would be a cluster named West Estonian Circle.

West Estonian Circle

  • Goals: More visitors
  • West Estonia is a green paradise
  • Slogan: West Estonia – the healthy lung of Europe
  • Incorporate guides, tour operators and all types of companies in the cluster.

C. Sweden

  • Local obstacles are infrastructure and transportation. The coast runs vertical from north to south but the municipalities in Roslagen goes horizontal from east to west meaning the public transport often are not adapted to the needs in the coastal area and archipelago. It is also a rural problem with inefficient public transport. One idea is to cooperate to solve this problem and by this unite and create a common platform.
  • Roslagsleden – the hiking track runs through several municipalities in the northern part of Stockholm county, ie Roslagen.
  • Use Roslagsleden as platform for cooperation, joint marketing, create packages, make digital map for mobile phones.
  • Roslagen is a well known brand
  • Organised work within Destination Roslagen already, both municipalities and entrepreneurs involved. The big cluster exists.
  • Create smaller clusters within Roslagen. Involve tourist organisations and business alliances.
2. Discuss in international groups how to cooperate across borders
  • Cooperation between entrepreneurs in different states
  • Cooperation between promoting actors and public sector
  • What are the common visions?
  • The aim of the project
  • Which problems are we to solve?
  • Which are the guidelines to use?
Group A
  • Web links – involved Quadruple entrepreneurs should link to each other on their webpages
  • E-teams should be friends on Facebook
  • Even create a Quadruple group on Facebook
  • Best Practise – Success stories of clusters
  • Common stand at fair / exhibitions. Unite under the name of: “Baltic Archipelago”

Common themes – packaging tours

  • Play Golf across borders – Golf experiences from three countries
  • Diving in the Archipelago – package experiences in Est, Fi, Swe under a common theme.
  • Viking archipelago – do different things in different countries.
  • Archipelago Institute
  • Tax reductions for returnees
Group B
  • Find common denominator, for example our common Viking history
  • We have similar ways of living in the coast and archipelago. Example: As a Swedish entrepreneur you have more in common with fellow entreprenurs in the Estonian or Finnish archipelago than with entrepreneurs in cities like Stockholm.
  • Commit to a vision!
  • Arrange travels between our three countries based on a theme. For instance the Viking history, Bird watching etcetera.
  • A chain of Circles – Based on the local cluster around the Åboland Ringroad, West Estonia Circle (Saaremaa, Hiumaa, Läänemaa) and equivalent in Sweden – maybe Roslagsleden.


  • Or; A big circle around the three countries – the Baltic Circle


Group C
  • Rural culture connects us
  • E-teams and Tourism networks should connect
  • All entrepreneurs should benefit
  • Inspiration – new knowledge
  • Use existing networks and build a cluster upon them
  • Viking archipelago
  • 2011 – Europe’s cultural cities are Turku and Tallinn

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