Why do we need a policy? Hidden resource for the modern economy

saal3_200Present world economy wastes the biggest human resource – the investment already made into women´s education. In many countries (including Estonia) women have higher education than men. Investments into women have been bigger than into men. Women’s higher education is not used as a tool for developing entrepreneurship worldwide. It is the biggest waste of human resource in the history of mankind.

Implementation of women into business is the key to the main door to the modern economy key to huge economic growth. Implementation of women into business is an achievable task when applied support measures from governments such as valuing women as real business people and as real leaders (= new point of view, new policy), mentoring women by successful business people as a system, supported by government (i.e. via lower taxes, some other benefits for the mentors), connection to the practice from the beginning (to see, feel and touch, how does everyday business function). The biggest winner is the country, which is capable to use investments in women already made quicker than others.


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