The Quadruple Action plan – WORKSHOP

framare2_200As you all heard yesterday a presentation of the project and the work we hope to do these two years, and the goals we hope to reach, when Sofia Händel our Project Manager gave her presentation. I will instead focus on what it is we are supposed to achieves with this workshop and only start with a very short summary of our “Draft action plan”.

Workshop results

The four most serious problems identified were:
– Women should be more interested in ICT
– Lack of market knowledge (do not know their target group)
– Lack of cooperation/clusters on local level
– Lack of skills in cooperation and communication

– Suggested solutions to problem 1 – ICT knowledge
Mentor – person who you can call and ask silly questions – 13 votes
Successful examples fo ICT use – 4 votes
Trainings (with children because they know ICT better) – 2 votes

– Suggested solutions to problem 2 – lack of market knowledge
Best practice learn from other destinations, regions, brands – 11 votes
Mobile phone surveillance of tourists trajectory, studies can be bought market research reliable – 3 votes
One local leader who educates, spreads knowledge in mentor programs – 3 votes

– Suggested solutions to problem 3 – lack of local level clusters
Find a suitable local structure, organization, body that invites the actors – 5 votes
Get overview – who are my potential (neighbors etc) partners and use creative thinking as method – 3 votes
A leading person is needed – village leader – 3 votes

– Suggested solutions to problem 4 – lack of skills in cooperation/communication
Interaction of people need to meet often otherwise no trust. Not only virtual meetings and SAME people shall meet often in different type of meetings. – 11 votes
Learn and adapt to different cultures – 3 votes


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