Press release April 16, 2010

Central Baltic project is testing mobile services

Åbo Akademi is May 6 hosting a meeting on the project Quadruple Helix with particpants from Estonia, Sweden and Finland. During the meeting the project partners are discussing the opportunities and applications for mobile services in tourism, focusing on how such ICT applications can help mainly the tourism industry to enhance their service offering and enhance its competitiveness, and how these services can be made more accessible to the consumer.

The project brings together the female-dominated tourism industry with the research field of ICT, where many men are active with the goal of this cross-fertilization between industries producing new innovations and solutions.

Åbo Akademi University’s role in the Quadruple is to work with an international network of women tourism entrepreneurs and implement a pilot test in which mobile services personalized for tourism development.

Quadruple initiative will hopefully be a good example of how mobile telecommunications create business development and growth of small businesses, both at local and transnational levels. The initiative is an effort to strengthen the central Baltic innovation an competitiveness by involving a consortium that is generally not a priority for public innovation investment, namely, female entrepreneurs in the service sector.

For questions or more information contact:

Ole Bergen, Åbo Akademi.


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