E-team curriculum

Study program – subject to change

  1. Twelve workshop sessions, three hours each, two times a month = 36 hours total
  2. The E-team program shall address: Clustering, Tourism and ICT, all with a cross border and gender equality perspective.
  3. The E-team program will also address a number of subjects concerning business development in the tourism industry but those will be decided by the participants according to the workshop method. Anticipated subjects will be
    • a. Developing products in the tourism business – innovation/creative thinking
    • b. Finding profitability
    • c. Identifying and enlarging my markets
    • d. Cooperation and competition
    • e. Marketing internationally and through social media
    • f. Packaging, profiling products (themes etc)
    • g. Quality
    • h. … etc
  4. The methods of the workshops will be Open Space Technology (where the key is self organization), and – the “identify obstacle – find solution and prioritize” method, where the facilitator will divide the team into smaller groups and keep mixing the groups. Both methods will result in action plans and documentation for all participators and will be published next day on the internal web.
  5. The e-team/cluster members will also work separately (have “home work”) in between the actual physical workshops, individual or in groups, physical and on line, all based on what the needs are in order to develop the different products.
  6. An on line community will be used in order to facilitate follow up and continuous contacts within the e-team.
  7. The program will be held together by the E-team manager in each country who will keep in contact with each member but also together with their respective team find and identify a cluster “motor” (coach) who can consist of one or more of the participants who will ensure that the work continues to develop (for instance – one “secretary”, one “inventor” and one “doer”.)




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