Projects / Activities


BalticFem’s strength is our ability to function as a project platform and through this manage and participate in different projects on both local, national and international level. We participate only in projects we can fully support and/or contribute our knowledge to.

With our experience and knowledge in gender equality, together with the network of experts we can turn to, we can carry through seminars or act as lecturers in issues regarding gender equality in theory and practice directed as well to organisations as to companies and authorities.

One important objective in the work of BalticFem is to aid other actors involved in gender issues within organisations, companies and the public sector. To acheive succesfull results it is important to counteract the prejudices and myths, which adress those who have the task to pursue issues regarding gender equality in working life and society.

Because of this we partcipate in several networks in our regions, focused on gender equality issues.


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