Cycling in Roslagen

Cycling in Roslagen is a project aimed at improving competitiveness and profitability of women-owned tourism enterprises in Roslagen through concrete collaboration on a common concept – cycle tourism and finished packages. In practice, the concrete interaction of the network developed through joint:

  • Packaging
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Cycling in Roslagen will develop new products but also developing existing products whose quality will increase because they are export ready.

”Cycling in Roslagen” should be implemented as part of a series of workshops led by business advisers, business developers and experts in the hospitality industry. The participants / entrepreneurs are playing an active role in the process and must themselves participate in shaping the content and results. Workshops and lectures take place in three thematic blocks:

  • Business networking / packaging.
    Objective: To achieve a formalized co-operation in the group and develop new products and services.
  • Marketing and Sales.
    Goal: Reach out in the market, find specific target groups and sales channels. Achieving actual sales.
  • Export Maturity and intelligence.
    Goal: Increase cycling product available for foreign visitors by translating existing information and marketing materials into English and German.

The goal is to network / cluster of entrepreneurs is so strong after the end of the project that participants perceive a commercial benefit from the collaboration will drive it forward.

Funded by The ministry of Agriculture and Entrepreneur Stockholm


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