Answers to the questions March 29-30

Why do so many that talk shit about each other anonymously on the net instead of standing up for what you believe?

  1. It is easier
  2. it can fail (intonation) to obtain
  3. It conjures (to write to get reactions) – provocation
  4. Not well thought out, look no direct reaction
  5. You become kaxigare behind the screen when you are anonymous / pretend you are someone else
  6. becomes distansierad
  7. evidence – difficult to prove who said / wrote what
  8. It is easier on the Internet you do not stand for that
  9. It is so easy ”two clicks away from” cowardly anonymous
  10. Easier on the Internet than face to face to hide
  11. cowardly choose to remain anonymous so as not to think through what they say
  12. outweigh irl than online
  13. Easier to react / act on the net
  14. We become more cowardly with technology (instead of evil eye)
  15. It dares more on the Internet
  16. Easier to see what others think and agree with all other
  17. You become anonymous online – easier to be nasty
  18. Easier to say nasty things on the Internet
  19. No confrontation on the Internet – no risk
  20. It is easier, no one knows who you are
  21. Cowardly, not eye to eye
  22. written on more easier to hang on
  23. No direct response
  24. time to think about what to say
  25. you can sign out



What do you do if someone writes nasty things about you? (Slander you on the internet / IRL)

  1. Save it (if you want to report – gathering evidence)
  2. Contradicting (depends on who writes)
  3. Ignore if it is anonymous
  4. Take it seriously if you know who it is
  5. Anonymous – do not bother
  6. ir: talk – konforntera – report
  7. confront the ”reality”
  8. Answer / jokes are you back for it?, Anonymous – ignore it
  9. Not take on board if there are many
  10. If someone is anonymous, are of no – do you know who it is you should confront
  11. Not take for himself / depending on how close – it takes friends to be more
  12. take with a pinch of salt
  13. do not bother
  14. Confront IRL / ignore it, lose respect / police report if it is grossly
  15. It is like back
  16. Confront
  17. Write back / if it is anonymously search for ip address
  18. little thing – ignore it
  19. major – acting
  20. There should be more adult online / field, etc. so that they know what is happening
  21. Police notifier


Is trafficking a local issue in Norrtälje?

  • if yes – how?
  • if no – why not?
  1. Yes and no
  2. Appears safe
  3. Yes – do not want to see
  4. yes – prostitution
  5. yes but perhaps poorly with customers here ’
  6. no too small
  7. no we have enough for good control
  8. no one should see if there is
  9. no Norrtälje is too small
  10. it talks too much
  11. Perhaps prostitution (rumor)
  12. think no but it could easily be
  13. no it feels
  14. no social control – it would feel to it
  15. Yes – Transit
  16. no too small
  17. Perhaps in the cottage
  18. there are traces of the holiday urn
  19. yes you do not notice the
  20. why not?


Own responsibility?

  • Can we combat the trafficking in our own everyday lives?, Who can do? Who is responsible?
  1. Difficult
  2. Many people watching on the Internet
  3. download
  4. Consumer perspective gets too much – does not feel that the matter concerns me
  5. Doing something
  6. Try not to watch / use are simple ways to make yourself
  7. Choose to stay at the hotel without porn / not subscribe to channels of porn
  8. Do not buy pornographic magazines – movies etc
  9. no – buy American porn
  10. not buy porn magazines
  11. boycotts
  12. select
  13. stop watch porn (ban)
  14. Notify all the porn sites in the world to trap
  15. Legislature has the responsibility
  16. Talk to kids about sex
  17. Tariff – lookout and alert police of suspicious

Is sex a human right?

  1. no because if there is a right one may take the
  2. human need, but not right
  3. reciprocity

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