What role will social media play?

Citizens’ Panel: 19 November 2009, at 18.30-20.30

A conversation about social media’s role today and tomorrow.
Participants: Among other things, Hanna Stymne-Bratt (S) and Gun Svensson (PP)

Location: Café Hörnan, Norrtälje

Apply to: margareta@balticfem.com, 0733321771


What role will social media play in the future?

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Total is 39 percent of Internet users members of a community, according to ”The Swedes and the Internet 2009” from the Wii. Since 2005, a fourfold increase, when only 10 percent of Internet users were in any community. Above all, it is in social networks, like Facebook, the growth takes place.
Still dominate the young. Among 16-25-year-olds are almost three in four (72 percent) members of any community. But the biggest increase is among middle-aged and older. For example, in the ages 36-55 years there has been a doubling of the proportion of members since 2007.

The latest Media Survey (2008) from Nordicom was the first time that the proportion with access to broadband in the home were higher than those with a subscription to a newspaper. Two thirds (67 percent) of all Swedes between the ages of 9-79 years have a subscription to a newspaper at home. We see that the proportion has declined somewhat in recent years from around 75 percent. Meanwhile, the proportion who have a broadband connection at home increased. In the latest survey it’s 72 percent who have broadband at home. 2005 the equivalent was a 51 per cent share.


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