Project description

”X generation till non violent relations”

A Daphne III project

Duration of the project: 24 months (2009.01.01 – 2010.11.30)

Priority(ies) of the call addressed by the project
3) Targeted awareness raising, education and information
7) Exchange, adaptation and use of existing good practices


Target groups

Young women 18-28 at risk to experience violence or exposed to violence.
Organizations and institutions – service providers for victims of violence or developing policies, methods, help services system to women from the first target group.


Expected results

  • Improved services of prevention and help for young women in 6 countries who are experiencing or at risk to experience violence
  • Strengthened the network of actors in social issues and gender equality issues in 6 European countries
  • Issue of violence against women is presented to international arena as one of the most urgent human rights violation and within the project we contribute to European policies of Gender Equality implementation combating and eliminating all forms of violence against young women.
  • Analysed and presented summary of best practices of social service systems from 6 countries
  • Analysed and produced recommendations for prevention actions against violence and DVD clip produced targeting young women


Work program


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