Quadruple Helix Central Baltic

Authorities, entrepreneurs, universities and civil society (NGOs) – together to strenghten the innovation system of the Central Baltic region.

The Central Baltic region is considered as one of the most advanced in Europe. Despite this it has weaknesses when it comes to the involvement of women in innovation systems. We want to help adress this with the project Quadruple.

Quadruple adresses the need:

  • to integrate gender mainstreaming in regional policies for promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation and clusters;
  • to develop strategies for promotion of clusters in sectors where many women are active as entrepreneurs; and
  • to promote cross-fertilization between sectors where many women are active (tourism) and research and techbased (ICT) clusters where mainly men are active.

Quadruple will specifically target the tourism sector and create arenas between this sector and ICT research.


  1. Stimulated cross-sector clusters between tourism and ICT.
  2. Developed policy, plans and strategies together with practical tools so that more women entrepreneurs will be able to participate in cluster processes.
  3. Strengthened competiveness for SMEs in the tourism sector in the Central Baltic region.


  • Policy development (regional stakeholders and policy relevant research)
  • Actual cases
  • Connecting researchers with groups of entrepreneurs – the cases will then give direct input to the policy development.

Expected results

  • More competitive SMEs within the tourism sector
  • A strong business platform, i.e. working cross-sector clusters/networks (ICT-Tourism) in the Central Baltic region.
  • Developed and practiced methods for gender mainstreaming in clusters and innovation systems in the Central Baltic region and exchange of knowledge at policy level.

QUADRUPLE is an inititiative from Norrtälje municipality (lead partner) and BalticFem who – together with partners such as KTH Royal institute of technology, Stockholm county administrative board (SE), Eurohouse, Läänemaa Tourism Association and Saaremaa University Center (EE) and Åbo Akademi University (FI) – have applied for funding from the Central Baltic Interreg IV A programme 2007-2013. Project time: two years. Budget: approx. one million Euro.


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