Quadruple search conference 2007

Search conference ”Quadruple Central Baltic”

28-29 November 2007 in Norrtälje

Would you like to participate in an interregional project focusing on cluster and innovation systems in the tourist industry of the central Baltic region?

In that case Norrtälje municipality together with BalticFem would like to invite you to our two-day search conference in Norrtälje. It will start 10.00 on Wednesday the 28th of November and end on Thursday the 29th at approximately 16.00. We will pay for travel and accommodation. A more detailed program of the search conference and the role we expect you to have in it will be sent to you next week

The aims of Quadruple Central Baltic are to stimulate entrepreneurship and businesses development through networking and internationalisation; support women’s entrepreneurship; develop and position the tourist industry; initiate clusters with a focus on creative connections between the tourist industry and information and communication technology (ICT); and promote the knowledge exchange and cooperation between actors (stakeholders) in the Central Baltic region in the areas mentioned.

The Search Conference in Norrtälje will draw up action plans and strategies, establishing a partnership with actors in Estonia, Latvia and Finland, including Åland and analysing local contexts in each participating country. These analyses should contain information about the tourist industry in each region, clusters and women entrepreneurship as well as measures for entrepreneurship support and potential regional partners for the project.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you can participate and of course if you have any questions you are welcome to contact us.

Best regards

Anders Olander
Norrtälje Municipality

Margareta Spång

Please reply to:
Osa Albinson,
+46 (0)730 24 00 67


Preliminary program

Day 1
Wednesday November 28

Registration and coffee
Welcome to Norrtälje
Presentation of partners and regions
Sweden – region ”Norrtälje, Vallentuna, Österåker”
Finland – region ”Egentliga Finland, Åboland, Åland”
Estonia – region ”Hiiuma, Paldiski, Saaremaa, Läänemaa”
Latvia – region ”Limpazi, Valmiera, Ventspils, Liepaja”
Presentation of the Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme 2007-2013
Philipp Schwartz, Head of the Joint Technical Secretariat
Presentation of the basic project-idea Quadruple Central Baltic
Workshop 1 – Vision for Quadruple Helix
Inger Danilda, Encounter
Coffee and meeting with group of Norrtälje organisations working with international issues such as twinning and social and cultural exchange.
15.30 – 17.00
Workshop 2 – Possibilities and obstacles for implementation

Day 2
Thursday November 29

Summary of yesterday
Workshop 3 – Action plans
Review of application procedure and each partners role and budget
15.30 – 16.00
Summary and goodbyes

Search conference ”Quadruple” November 28-29 in Norrtälje

With funding from SIDA Baltic Sea Unit, BalticFem is given the possibility to carry out a search conference in Norrtälje November 28-29, 2007. The Sida project is ongoing November 1 until January 31st 2008.

The purpose of the conference is to make concrete action plans as preparation for a EU project and to establish an interregional partnership. The Sida funded project shall lead to a application of funding from the EU programme Central Baltic around the turn of the year 2007/2008.

Quadruple Central Baltic is based on earlier cooperations between Norrtälje Municipality and BalticFem and actors in the Baltic Sea region with a mutual interest in promoting gender equality and growth in the region. The purpose of this project is to strengthen already established networks in the region and to further develop the cooperation through an interregional project.

Question at issue/problem solution

Mutual challenges

All regions involved faces several of the challenges mentioned in the EU ”Färdplan för jämställdhet 2006-2010”, for example to raise womens employment rate, to increase the number of women entrepreneurs and to increase the role of women in science and technology. All partners involved in the project faces the challenge of working with gender mainstreaming as a strategy since this will be a demand for anyone applying for funds from the EU structural funds like Ingerreg IV. Quadruple Central Baltic have as a goal to establish a partnership that will work together facing these challenges. This will happen through a structured cooperation with focus on gender mainstreaming in cluster and innovation systems.

Pioneering development work to face challenges

There are very few (occasional) ventures on gender equal clusters and innovation systems in the Baltic Sea region. Partly this can be explained against the background of that staking on clusters often are directed to certain sectors, traditional industry and techonology intensive trades, more seldom to sectors where many women are working, for example healthcare, care and tourism. Cluster programs both in Sweden, the Baltic States and Polen are focusing on technical innovations, more seldom on social and organizational innovations. The triple Helix approach (cooperation between the business sector, the authority sector and research) that has been applied in these ventures also have hidden the civil socety/citizens/consumer role in innovation systems, ie a fourth important dimension. A Quadruple Helix approach together with support of cluster within women dominated sectors and social innovations increases the prerequisites for gender equality and growth in the Baltic Sea Region.

Quadruple Central Baltic Search conference will lead up to a project application from Interreg IV A and it is clear from the program proposal that has been sent to the European commission that the development projects will be targeted towards among other thing knowledge- and exchange of experiences around innovation systems together with promotion of cluster and entrepreneurship. A project with this alignment, gender equal clustering, is innovative and estimated to have good possibilities to recieve EU-funding.


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