2005 BalticFem received an approval our project application from NUTEK (Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) and ESF (The European Social Funds), Stockholm, where we have applied for funds for a continuation of our Swedish project PITEM (Partnership for Integration, Growth, Entrepreneurship and Diversity 2005). In the new project (PITEM II) we will have partners from four different counties in Sweden.  Below you can find a short summary of the project. Project period 2006-01-09 — 2007-10-31.
PITEM II – a summary
Partners for Integration, Growth, Entrepreneurship and Diversity II
Learning in network, micro credit and proactive career planning

    Vision/long-term goals (4 years)

  • A sustainable functional Swedish micro credit model, to be continued after the project period
  • A permanent knowledge platform within the fields of gender equality, diversity and integration within the labour market and entrepreneurship.
  • A model for strategic organisational development of resource centres, to be enforced also after the project is completed.

During the first year the models will be tested and the prerequisites for continuation will be evaluated. During the planned continuation, year 2-4, new participants will continue to develop the models, at the same time as the first participants are supported in the realization of their plans. The goal is also to during year 2-4 gradually phase out from project activities towards implementation in permanent activities.

Network learning and knowledge development
The cohesive factor in the different PITEM II:s activities is the networking aspect.
We employ working methods which emanate from women’s needs, engagement, interests and integrity focusing on gender equality, diversity and anti-discrimination
We make use of pedagogic models and methods emanating from non-formal adult education, where the dynamic element is network learning.

  • Network where enterprises are initiated and developed with micro credit as a tool.
  • Network where new non – discriminated careers are created
  • Network where resource centres work with strategic organisational development

The greatest added value is that the project work is connected to a variety of activity areas covering four county councils, as well as transnational cooperation.
The resource centres involved will have their programme activities illuminated through peer reviewing within PITEM II and with programmes in other countries; with special emphasis on the focus areas for PITEM II. Through this benchmarking resource centres can develop through specialisation and focusing. The participating resource centres contribute to knowledge development and transference and to the establishment of a national knowledge platform.
Throughout the project we will actively use ICT, both in the education efforts for the participants but also to strengthen the partnership cooperation and dissemination of project results.

Areas of activity

Entrepreneurship support – Micro credit in a network frame
Ten networks with five micro enterprises each, will be established in four county councils. Each group can borrow up to SEK 250 000.

The different network groups will get guidance support, coaching, capacity building worth approximately SEK 150 000 per group.

Provision of labour – Pro- active career coaching
By using groups studying Swedish as a second language and various immigrants’ networks, three network groups, each with 10-15 job-seeking women from the ethnic minorities, will be established in three county councils through recruitment of newly arrived refugees/immigrants

Participants will be offered active career coaching through non-discriminating job-seeking and career support. Participants will be supported by network activities also after having secured jobs.

Organisational development of Resource Centres
The partnership of resource centres involved in the work will realize a strategic organisational development through a continuously guided dialog – also this in form of network learning and with support of a process evaluator and an accompanying researcher.

Dissemination of knowledge
The experiences and accumulated knowledge from the project activities will be disseminated through internal and external seminar series and dissemination conferences. Articles and electronic newsletters will be publicised on the website of the project.

Project facts Main financiers are: ALMI (the loan part), NUTEK and the European Social Funds, Stockholm.

Cooperating county councils are: Stockholm, Sörmland, Östergötland and Västra Götland (Skaraborg)

Project period: January 1st, 2006 – October 31st, 2007

Target groups

  • Women from the ethnic minorities, women in the thinly populated areas/archipelago, young women
  • Business promoters – especially those dealing with risk capital/financing
  • Strategic actors for entrepreneurship and labour provision at local, regional and national level.

Process leader for activity area Entrepreneurship support is Joyce Kimwaga Lundin – NEEM
The process leader for activity area Labour provision is Margareta Spång – BalticFem

Transnational level:
(Outside of the project at present) In the transnational cooperation we will exchange experiences and knowledge on the focus areas of the project.
We will create an arena for development of organisations working with gender equality, diversity and non – discrimination.
The following countries will cooperate: Great Britain, Italy, Turkey, Lithuania, Norway and Greece.

Evaluation/organisational development:
Quality proofing of the project will be done through process evaluation and the accompanying researcher

Project owner /Grantee

  • BalticFem, Hantverkaregatan 18, 761 30 Norrtälje, tel. 0176-198 55, fax 0176-138 15

Project partners:

  • NEEM, Network for entrepreneurs from the ethnic minorities, Näringslivscentrum, Vingåkersvägen 18, 641 80 Katrineholm, tel. 0150-569 04, fax 0150-48 87 70.
  • Cooperative Development in Skaraborg, Arresten, Axevalla Folkhögskola, 532 72 Axvall, tel. 0511 159 50, fax 0511-214 50
  • The Baltic-Russian-Swedish Resource Centre, c/o Eastern Quality House, Prästgatan 50, 60 104 Norrköping, tel./fax 011-160 999



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